Stabilitech’s OraPro™ technology enables the oral administration of plug & play viral-vectored biopharmaceuticals & vaccines

Currently, biopharmaceutical proteins are synthesized using recombinant technologies within various expression platforms such as mammalian cells, plant cells and bacterial expression platforms. The result is that biopharmaceutical drugs are expensive and time consuming to manufacture, and many have therapeutic complications.

One of the key advantages of oral administration of a non-replicating viral vector is that it offers the potential for repeat administration of the same vector. This is due to a lack of gastrointestinal anti-vector immunity which allows the vector to be repeatedly administered and re-used for multiple developments.

However, effective oral administration is difficult because of challenges within the human gut – it takes time to reach the small intestine and the thermal and acidic conditions in the GI tract are hostile to viruses. Considerable losses of virus can occur without protection significantly affecting viability and efficacy of the vector. This remains the major barrier to the development of oral vaccines and companies using viral vectors have to use injections.

OraPro™ is a ‘plug & play’ platform which produces a thermally stable viral vector engineered with a DNA sequence to produce a target protein. When administered orally, it uses the body’s own cells in the GI tract to produce proteins to provide novel therapies or induce immunity. The novel approach of OraPro™ protects and delivers non-replicating viruses to the GI tract and ensures that the number of viable viruses that reach the GI tract is therapeutically beneficial.  Because OraPro™ is a ‘plug & play’ platform, only the DNA insert coding for the infectious disease antigen needs to be changed to create a new vaccine. By delivering the viral vector directly to the gut it bypasses existing or subsequent immunity due to the immune tolerance of the GI tract.

Stabilitech has successfully used OraPro™ to develop an oral Zika vaccine. Details of this are here.

OraPro™: a plug-and-play oral vaccine/biopharmaceutical platform:

  • Oral administration of non-replicating vector
  • Repeat administration with the same vector carrying the same or new payload
  • Transient biopharmaceutical production induced within the human/patient gut
  • Suitable for vaccines, therapeutic proteins, enzyme replacement, et al
  • Thermally stable oral capsule
  • Re-use of vector for new developments enables re-use of large parts of the regulatory dossier



“Stabilitech has developed the next generation biopharmaceutical expression platform”

Enteric coated capsules containing a viral mix