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Imagine a world where all vaccines were taken as a capsule – no needles, long-term thermal stability, reduced need for healthcare professionals, global efficacy.

Is a ‘plug-and-play’ oral delivery vaccine platform. It effectively delivers non-replicating viral vectors to the GI tract to eliciting effective immunity against infectious diseases but not the viral vector. Stabilitech is using OraPro™ to develop the world’s first oral Zika vaccine.

Stabilitech is now using OraPro™ to develop oral vaccines for ‘blockbuster’ indications, including OraPro-HSV-2 to address the Herpes Simplex Virus 2, which currently affects 400 million people. The herpes market will be worth $9bn in 2018.

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COVID19 is the perfect example of a rapidly growing epidemic that is threatening to become a pandemic. In this case, rapid development of a vaccine alone is not enough, the main requirements are efficacy and the speed to last dose that counts, i.e.,how quickly can an entire population be vaccinated.

With OraPro-COVID19, Stabilitech’s OraPro technology can develop the viral vector with 6 weeks and aims to have a capsule ready for animal testing within 12 weeks. Because OraPro-COVID19 is thermally stable and in capsules, it can be self-administered by patients – this eliminates the queues of people waiting for injections, enabling the world’s most rapid deployment of vaccines.

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Novel oral protein therapeutic
Multi-strain influenza vaccine
VZV product exempler
Reduce antigen requirement
by up to 99%
Thermally stable vaccines
Faster onset of immunity
using less vaccine

Recent research alliances – Zoetis

Zoetis is building on a long-term relationship with Stabilitech, a pioneer in thermostable technologies that preserve the efficacy of medicines and vaccines against high and low temperature extremes.

Zoetis and Stabilitech entered a three-year collaboration which will explore the potential of the company’s technologies in biopharmaceuticals and vaccines for animals.

Vaccines and other large biomolecules that could be sterilized, transported and stored at room temperature without significant degradation have the potential to transform animal healthcare – especially in developing countries where access to refrigeration in rural areas is a challenge.

GSK Collaboration, option and license agreement

I am delighted to be able to inform you that we have entered into an option and license agreement with GSK to evaluate Stabilitech’s thermal stability platform technology.

As you know, the Stabilitech platform technology enables development of thermally stable vaccines and biopharmaceuticals.

Under the terms of the research collaboration, GSK has the option to take an exclusive license for use in a defined field. We are not able to disclose further terms of the collaboration.

This is the second project we have worked on with GSK and is further technical validation of our technology and a milestone in our commercialization strategy.