Stabilitech takes next step in race for a vaccine, announces BioCell as manufacturer for OraPro-COVID-19



Burgess Hill, UK, 12 June 2020 STABILITECH BIOPHARMA LTD (“Stabilitech”), a UK biotechnology company developing next generation vaccines and biopharmaceuticals, has announced today a partnership with BioCell Corporation (New Zealand) to manufacture its oral coronavirus vaccine, OraPro-COVID-19.

The Auckland-based company has 30 years’ experience in manufacturing viral vaccines, with its recent acquisition of Living Cell Technology’s GMP compliant cell culture facility providing dedicated premises for the manufacturing of COVID-19 vaccines.

“After a successful recent fundraising round, this signed agreement represents a crucial next step for OraPro-COVID-19,” said Stabilitech’s Chairman Wayne Channon. “It brings us closer to providing a vaccine that gives both mucosal and systemic immunity to COVID-19. This will target the virus exactly where we catch it: in the mucous membranes of the mouth, nose, throat and even the eyes. By taking this approach, we believe OraPro-COVID-19 could prove to provide the fastest route to widespread global immunity, turning the tide on the pandemic.”

Human trials for Stabilitech’s potential breakthrough vaccine are scheduled for August of this year. If successful, the deal signed with BioCell means that a vaccine could be available by the end of 2020.

“We are delighted to be working with Stabilitech to manufacture a vaccine for COVID-19,” explained BioCell’s CEO Nidish Nair. “Our team includes three award winning scientists, as well as a host of other highly skilled technical employees, who will all be working to enhance technology transfer and process development for Ora-Pro-COVID-19. The partnership also represents a great opportunity for New Zealand to play a part in the race for a COVID-19 vaccine, further highlighting our ability to undertake internationally recognised research and manufacturing projects.”

While there are over 100 other companies and institutions working towards what UN Secretary-General António Guterres dubbed at the recent GAVI World Vaccine Summit

as “the people’s vaccine”, reaching the manufacturing stage is an indicator of Ora-Pro-COVID-19’s potential. The deal also shines a light on the great strides that smaller biopharma companies around the world are making in the race for a COVID-19 vaccine.

For further information about the science behind OraPro-COVID-19 and interview opportunities with Wayne Channon, please contact:


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Stabilitech takes next step in race for a vaccine, announces BioCell as manufacturer for OraPro-COVID-19 Logo

Stabilitech Biopharma earns prestigious position on WHO list of vaccine developers



Burgess Hill, UK, 11 May 2020 STABILITECH BIOPHARMA LTD (“Stabilitech”), a UK biotechnology company developing next generation vaccines and biopharmaceuticals,  announces today that, they have been recognised on a global level by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as a vaccine developer.

In addition to this global recognition, two Stabilitech board members, Dr Jeff Drew and Dr Elliot Bland were invited to participate in the Expert Group meetings on “Assays Development for Vaccines” and “Animal Models”.

This news is welcomed as, last week the company announced that it is currently in the process of securing further investment for its unique oral vaccine (OraPro-COVID-19 vaccine) that offers double immunity targeting both systemic and mucosal cells. In capsule form, the vaccine is self-administered and requires no cold chain storage.

Speaking on the appointment, Dr Drew highlighted: “The WHO is a pivotal player when it comes to vaccines, it sets all of the guidelines adopted by bio-pharmaceutical companies for vaccines development. Being added to the WHO’s list as a recognised vaccine developer is huge news for us and the UK biopharma sector, providing a level of global recognition that Stabilitech is an active player in finding a vaccine for COVID-19.”

“This is an important role contributing to the development of vaccines globally. Stabilitech’s expertise can be combined with those at other leading organisations such as Imperial College and Oxford,” added Dr Bland.

Dr Bland concludes: “The COVID-19 pandemic is a global challenge that requires international collaboration to find a solution. Joining the taskforce committee, means Stabilitech has direct input into COVID-19 vaccine development, making us part of the global community fight against Coronavirus.”



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Stabilitech Biopharma recognised position on WHO list of Vaccine Developers and participates in two expert group meetings to find a viable vaccine for COVID-19.Stabilitech_press_release_media_downloadStabilitech Logo

Stabilitech Biopharma strengthens leadership team, as Jeffrey Almond joins the board in the race to develop oral vaccine for COVID-19



Stabilitech Biopharma strengthens leadership team, as Jeffrey Almond joins the board in the race to develop oral vaccine for COVID-19

Burgess Hill, UK, 07 May 2020 STABILITECH BIOPHARMA LTD (“Stabilitech”), a UK biotechnology company developing next generation vaccines and biopharmaceuticals, has today announced that Professor Jeffrey Almond will be joining the board as they step up their efforts in search of a vaccine for COVID-19.

Professor Almond is an Oxford Martin Visiting Fellow with the Oxford Martin Programme on Vaccines and Former Vice President, Head of Discovery Research and External R&D at Sanofi Pasteur and Visiting Professor at the William School of Pathology, University of Oxford. He has been published extensively, especially in the field of virology.

Wayne Channon, Chairman of Stabilitech, commented: “I’m really excited by Professor Almond’s appointment. He brings with him a wealth of knowledge and expertise in developing successful vaccines and I am confident that his knowledge will strengthen our team.”

Speaking about his appointment, Professor Almond stated: “I am delighted to be joining the board and working with like-minded professionals using Stabilitech’s unique stabilisation technology. COVID-19 is a unique disease, and so at Stabilitech we have taken a unique approach. Ours is currently the only stabilised oral vaccine in development, meaning it targets both systemic and mucosal immunity, crucial for effective widespread immunisation against COVID-19.”

Stabilitech’s bid to find £6m to further develop their innovative oral capsule OraPro-COVID-19 means Almond’s appointment is timely. His previous work includes the completion of the genetic map of an avian influenza virus, the first detailed description of the proteins of Influenza B virus, and determination of the genetic basis of attenuation of the oral polio vaccine.

For more information on the science behind OraPro-COVID-19, or for interviews with Professor Jeffery Almond or, Wayne Channon, please email:

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Stabilitech Biopharma strengthens leadership team, as Jeffrey Almond joins the board in the race to develop oral vaccine for COVID-19Stabilitech_press_release_media_downloadStabilitech Logo

Stabilitech Biopharma joins race to develop COVID-19 vaccine delivering unique double immunity using self-administered capsules



Stabilitech Biopharma joins race to develop COVID-19 vaccine delivering unique double immunity using self-administered capsules

Burgess Hill, UK, 30 April 2020 STABILITECH BIOPHARMA LTD (“Stabilitech”), a UK biotechnology company developing next generation vaccines and biopharmaceuticals, has announced today that, it is seeking an investment of £6m to fund clinical trials and manufacturing of an oral coronavirus vaccine, OraPro-COVID-19.

“Delivering a COVID-19 vaccine in the shortest time possible is only half the challenge,” highlight’s Stabilitech’s Chairman, Wayne Channon. “delivering a vaccine that works is more important. COVID-19 infects the mucous membranes, or linings, of the ear, nose throat and lungs. That is why we are targeting our vaccine to hit COVID-19 where it sits – in mucosal cells. Other vaccines are currently only targeting the systemic immune system, but we know from our research that COVID -19 is a mucosal virus, therefore all vaccine developers should also be looking for a vaccine that targets both mucosal and systemic immunity. This is what OraPro- COVID-19 delivers in a single capsule.”

According to Channon, Stabilitech’s unique OraPro-COVID-19 capsules contain a freeze-dried COVID-19 vaccine and are thermally stable, which means they do not need refrigeration, as most other vaccines do. It can be simply mailed and self-administered: “Even the most vulnerable and shielded can benefit without a high risk visit to a healthcare professional. The unique benefit of this vaccine is that it can be self- administered, meaning that once it has been delivered via post, you can simply swallow the capsule. No injections, no needles, no nurse or doctor’s visit, therefore no need for PPE that’s still in such short supply. And no expensive cold-chain storage is required like most other vaccines currently under development.”

So, how does this seemingly too-good-to-be-true technology work? Stabilitech’s founder and Chief Scientific Officer Dr Jeff Drew (a virologist who has over 40 biotech patents to his name), explains: “To generate protective immunity, first we insert the Spike-protein DNA from COVID-19, the S-protein cargo, into a non-replicating adenovirus, the viral vector. OraPro’s thermal stability technology is applied and packaged within an acid resistant capsule that protects the vaccine as it passes through the stomach before being dissolved in the gut. Because it is thermally stable, the vaccine is unharmed by the high – 37 degrees centigrade – temperatures in the stomach.

“The viral vector delivers the S-protein cargo DNA to mucosal intestinal cells, which produce copies of the COVID-19 S-protein. These cells deliver the S-protein to the cell membrane that results in mucosal and systemic immunity. It takes two to three weeks for the immunity to develop.”

Initial animal safety trials have been successfully concluded and the next stage of Stabilitech’s OraPro COVID-19 development is clinical trials, under the supervision of the regulator, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

Trials are set to start in June, and a vaccine could be available by the end of the year. To achieve this, Stabilitech requires £6m in funding for the clinical trials and manufacturing the capsule. InnovateUK requested Stabilitech to repurpose its Zika funding to start the research and development of OraPro-COVID-19 but greater investment is required to finance this next vital stage of development.

“We are confident that the science behind OraPro-COVID-19 works as we’ve seen in our recent project with the Zika Virus vaccine. Conditional on the funding being available for clinical trial, OraPro-COVID-19 can be delivered faster than many other vaccine candidates.”
For further information about the science behind OraPro-COVID-19 and investment opportunities please contact:

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Stabilitech-Biopharma-joins-race-to-develop-COVID-19-vaccine-delivering-unique-double-immunity-using-self-administered-capsuleStabilitech_press_release_media_downloadStabilitech Logo

Stabilitech’s COVID-19 Vaccine intended to be delivered in a disruptive thermally stable oral capsule

Stabilitech BioPharma Ltd, “Stabilitech” or the “Company”, a private British biotech company established in 2005, this morning announces the completion of its COVID-19 Master Viral Seedstock, which it now intends to have manufactured and formulated into its patent protected capsule for oral vaccine delivery.

Once approved by the regulatory authorities, Stabilitech will disrupt the vaccine market by producing safe, efficacious, self-administered vaccine capsules that are inexpensive to produce, developed in weeks, thermally stable and can be posted direct to consumer.

Stabilitech obtained the COVID-19 genetic sequence as soon as it was available from China. The Company having previously worked on Anthrax, Ebola and most recently the Zika virus, has developed invaluable insight into emergency response vaccines. All novel vaccines must undergo clinical trials to gain regulatory approvals around the world. 

Commenting on Stabilitech’s advance in responding to the present global crisis, Dr Jeff Drew, Chief Scientific Officer, said:

“We have successfully completed construction of our adenovirus viral vector by adding COVID-19’s Spike protein DNA as a cargo. The cargo will produce proteins which will cause both mucosal and systemic immunity. Our experience in developing vaccines for emergency response means that we are able to navigate the requisite steps to ‘First In Human’ trials within weeks.” 

Non-replicating adenovirus viral vectors have demonstrated safety in peer reviewed papers [], with numerous clinical trials conducted around the world, and products approved for gene therapy treatment of cancer. Stabilitech has patent protected thermal stability and oral formulations that form a unique delivery method and do not require an adjuvant. The Company is able to easily manufacture and dose millions of people in a fraction of the time usually taken. The Company will now expand its vaccine seed bank, growing the viral vector in multiple large and small bioreactors to meet demand for a thermally stable adjuvant free oral capsule. 

Wayne Channon, Executive Chair, said: 

“The vaccine capsule could be posted out or delivered by, for example, Amazon or Alibaba as it doesn’t require cold storage, which reduces the logistical challenges of vaccine distribution that we witnessed during the Ebola outbreak, particularly in the last mile.  Stabilitech’s vision is that our vaccines will not require require health care workers to inject people putting themselves at risk of exposure, people will not incur needle stick injury and they will not be placed in close proximity to sick patients in health care settings, exposing all parties to further risk.”

Stabilitech is continuing to develop and license its technologies for partnerships and clinical trials. The Company is presently in discussions with a range of investors regarding funding of its pipeline assets and has EIS Advance Assurance from HMRC .

Wayne Channon added:

“Our team and technology is uniquely well placed among viable responses to potential life threatening and communicable diseases. With the current threat levels high we believe we can yet again deliver a strong proposition that is capable of protecting millions of people globally.”


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About Stabilitech Biopharma Ltd

Stabilitech is a biopharmaceutical company that licenses its technologies to both human health and animal health pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Stabilitech has developed a thermal stability formulation that enables it to disrupt the vaccine supply chain. The company is developing a broad pipeline of vaccine assets. 

Stabilitech Biopharma announces cancer immunotherapy partnership with Oncolys BioPharma

STABILITECH BIOPHARMA LTD (“Stabilitech”), a UK biotechnology company developing next generation vaccines and biopharmaceuticals, is pleased to announce an exclusive, worldwide license agreement with Oncolys BioPharma Inc. (“Oncolys”) of Japan. The in-licensing deal will explore the use of Stabilitech’s proprietary virus stability platform technology, Therm-SB™, to support Oncolys’ viroimmunotherapy pipeline led by Telomelysin®

Stabilitech will grant Oncolys a license in relation to Therm-SB, in return for which it will be entitled to receive undisclosed milestone fees and royalties according to development stages and sales performances. Oncolys aims to utilise the Therm-SB thermostability technology to improve the usability of its existing oncolytic virus pipeline, in response to demand in clinical settings, and expects to apply the platform to next generation candidates currently under development for systemic treatment.

“We are delighted to partner with an international business of Oncolys’ stature to demonstrate further the strength and versatility of Therm-SB, this time in cancer treatment.”said Stabilitech CEO, Wayne Channon. “Our companies share a mission to bring innovation and technology to existing treatments for serious conditions with unmet needs and we are confident that our relationship will be fruitful.”

Therm-SB has been applied successfully to a number of biopharmaceuticals and other temperature labile biological materials. The platform is based on a formulation of non-toxic small molecules that are mixed with the virus/vaccine during the fill-finish process.

“Our Therm-SB platform will change the way virotherapy products are stored and handled. No more cold-chain logistics for manufacturers, or product wastage for temperature excursions within hospitals.,” said Elliot Bland, Ph.D., Business Development Director at Stabilitech. “We have seen success with Therm-SB on all viruses to date: vaccines, gene therapy vectors and virotherapies.We look forward to continuing that success with Telomelysinand others in the Oncolys pipeline.”

Stabilitech wins £2m Innovate UK funding for oral Zika vaccine

6 February 2018

Stabilitech wins second round of Innovate UK funding for oral Zika vaccine

STABILITECH BIOPHARMA LTD (“Stabilitech”), a UK biotechnology company developing next generation vaccines and biopharmaceuticals, has been awarded further funding of £1.98m from Innovate UK to develop its oral Zika virus vaccine to first-in-human ready by 2020.

Government agency Innovate UK, investing through its Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI), first supported Stabilitech’s oral Zika vaccine programme in 2016 under round one of the Vaccines for Global Epidemics scheme.

Backed by the first funding round, Stabilitech demonstrated protective systemic immunity from oral vaccination in non-clinical models. The vaccine immunity appeared equivalent to natural immunity gained from prior exposure to the active Zika virus. Vaccine candidates were shipped from the UK to Brazil without a cold-chain and remained efficacious, demonstrating Stabilitech’s renowned thermal stability technologies.

“We are delighted to have received this further funding from Innovate UK to take our Zika development to the next level.” said Stabilitech CEO, Wayne Channon. “Our aim is to use our technology to develop self-administrable oral vaccines that can be easily distributed on a worldwide basis. The Zika virus, which can cause devastating effects if caught during pregnancy, and for which there is no vaccine available, is an excellent target for our platform.”

Stabilitech’s Zika vaccine is being developed on the company’s OraPro™ platform, producing thermally stable capsules delivering the vaccine to the intestine. Upon reaching the GI tract, the capsule releases viral-vectors engineered to deliver a DNA payload to transduce Zika virus antigens from GI cells, ultimately inducing protective systemic immunity.

“Our oral Zika vaccine provides protection against two Zika virus antigens, better mimicking natural immunity. Additionally our vaccine also reduces the requirement of cold-chain logistics, the use of needles and the level of involvement of healthcare professionals during vaccination campaigns,” said Elliot Bland, Ph.D., Director of Business Development at Stabilitech. “We look forward to accelerating our development towards the clinic with this new funding from Innovate UK.”

Recent research alliances – Zoetis

Zoetis is building on a long-term relationship with Stabilitech, a pioneer in thermostable technologies that preserve the efficacy of medicines and vaccines against high and low temperature extremes.

Zoetis and Stabilitech entered a three-year collaboration which will explore the potential of the company’s technologies in biopharmaceuticals and vaccines for animals.

Vaccines and other large biomolecules that could be sterilized, transported and stored at room temperature without significant degradation have the potential to transform animal healthcare – especially in developing countries where access to refrigeration in rural areas is a challenge.