Stabilitech’s technology can reduce antigen requirement by up to 99%

Antigen sparing is an effect whereby the amount of virus used in a vaccine is reduced without adversely affecting the quality or strength of the immunity acquired by the patient.

Stabilitech’s technology enables a stable form of vaccine to be significantly more immunogenic. In some studies, Stabilitech has demonstrated an antigen sparing effect of up to 100 fold, in which one hundredth of the usual vaccine dose gives rise to an equivalent immune response as illustrated in the graph on this page.

Influenza: Stabilitech’s own OmniFlu™ uses antigen sparing to reduce the amount of each viral strain required within each vaccine – thereby creating ‘room’ for additional strains to be included in the same vaccine dose. There is the potential to apply Stabilitech’s antigen sparing technology to other vaccine candidates (in-house or partnered).



  • Reduced local site reaction
  • Pandemic management: Antigen sparing is regarded as a crucial for tool for managing pandemic vaccine development when worldwide vaccine production is limited per se or at the start of a pandemic when global production has not been fully mobilized
  • Low cost per dose: antigen sparing allows more doses from a vaccine stock thereby saving cost
  • Increased supply: dose-sparing could ‘stretch’ the availability of vaccines where supply is limited by manufacturing capacity

Demonstration of antigen sparing using Influenza vaccine