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Imagine a world where all vaccines were taken as a capsule – no needles, long-term thermal stability, reduced need for healthcare professionals, global efficacy.

Is a ‘plug-and-play’ oral delivery vaccine platform. It effectively delivers non-replicating viral vectors to the GI tract to eliciting effective immunity against infectious diseases but not the viral vector. Stabilitech is using OraPro™ to develop the world’s first oral Zika vaccine.

Stabilitech is now using OraPro™ to develop oral vaccines for ‘blockbuster’ indications, including OraPro-HSV-2 to address the Herpes Simplex Virus 2, which currently affects 400 million people. The herpes market will be worth $9bn in 2018.

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Is the world’s first omni-valent influenza vaccine. It is capable of delivering 15 strains in a single dose whereas current products can only deliver 3 or 4.

By increasing the strains per dose, OmniFlu™ can reduce strain selection mismatches (which recently have been running as high as 50%) thereby increasing the immunity of patients and saving lives. It also reduces costs for vaccine manufacturers and healthcare systems.

OmniFlu™ represents a potential paradigm shift in the fight against influenza and a breakthrough in a market forecast to be worth $4.3bn by 2025.

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Novel oral protein therapeutic
Multi-strain influenza vaccine
VZV product exempler
Reduce antigen requirement
by up to 99%
Thermally stable vaccines
Faster onset of immunity
using less vaccine

Stabilitech Biopharma announces cancer immunotherapy partnership with Oncolys BioPharma

STABILITECH BIOPHARMA LTD (“Stabilitech”), a UK biotechnology company developing next generation vaccines and biopharmaceuticals, is pleased to announce an exclusive, worldwide license agreement with Oncolys BioPharma Inc. (“Oncolys”) of Japan. The in-licensing deal will explore the use of Stabilitech’s proprietary virus stability platform technology, Therm-SB™, to support Oncolys’ viroimmunotherapy pipeline led by Telomelysin®

Stabilitech will grant Oncolys a license in relation to Therm-SB, in return for which it will be entitled to receive undisclosed milestone fees and royalties according to development stages and sales performances. Oncolys aims to utilise the Therm-SB thermostability technology to improve the usability of its existing oncolytic virus pipeline, in response to demand in clinical settings, and expects to apply the platform to next generation candidates currently under development for systemic treatment.

“We are delighted to partner with an international business of Oncolys’ stature to demonstrate further the strength and versatility of Therm-SB, this time in cancer treatment.”said Stabilitech CEO, Wayne Channon. “Our companies share a mission to bring innovation and technology to existing treatments for serious conditions with unmet needs and we are confident that our relationship will be fruitful.”

Therm-SB has been applied successfully to a number of biopharmaceuticals and other temperature labile biological materials. The platform is based on a formulation of non-toxic small molecules that are mixed with the virus/vaccine during the fill-finish process.

“Our Therm-SB platform will change the way virotherapy products are stored and handled. No more cold-chain logistics for manufacturers, or product wastage for temperature excursions within hospitals.,” said Elliot Bland, Ph.D., Business Development Director at Stabilitech. “We have seen success with Therm-SB on all viruses to date: vaccines, gene therapy vectors and virotherapies.We look forward to continuing that success with Telomelysinand others in the Oncolys pipeline.”

Stabilitech wins £2m Innovate UK funding for oral Zika vaccine

6 February 2018

Stabilitech wins second round of Innovate UK funding for oral Zika vaccine

STABILITECH BIOPHARMA LTD (“Stabilitech”), a UK biotechnology company developing next generation vaccines and biopharmaceuticals, has been awarded further funding of £1.98m from Innovate UK to develop its oral Zika virus vaccine to first-in-human ready by 2020.

Government agency Innovate UK, investing through its Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI), first supported Stabilitech’s oral Zika vaccine programme in 2016 under round one of the Vaccines for Global Epidemics scheme.

Backed by the first funding round, Stabilitech demonstrated protective systemic immunity from oral vaccination in non-clinical models. The vaccine immunity appeared equivalent to natural immunity gained from prior exposure to the active Zika virus. Vaccine candidates were shipped from the UK to Brazil without a cold-chain and remained efficacious, demonstrating Stabilitech’s renowned thermal stability technologies.

“We are delighted to have received this further funding from Innovate UK to take our Zika development to the next level.” said Stabilitech CEO, Wayne Channon. “Our aim is to use our technology to develop self-administrable oral vaccines that can be easily distributed on a worldwide basis. The Zika virus, which can cause devastating effects if caught during pregnancy, and for which there is no vaccine available, is an excellent target for our platform.”

Stabilitech’s Zika vaccine is being developed on the company’s OraPro™ platform, producing thermally stable capsules delivering the vaccine to the intestine. Upon reaching the GI tract, the capsule releases viral-vectors engineered to deliver a DNA payload to transduce Zika virus antigens from GI cells, ultimately inducing protective systemic immunity.

“Our oral Zika vaccine provides protection against two Zika virus antigens, better mimicking natural immunity. Additionally our vaccine also reduces the requirement of cold-chain logistics, the use of needles and the level of involvement of healthcare professionals during vaccination campaigns,” said Elliot Bland, Ph.D., Director of Business Development at Stabilitech. “We look forward to accelerating our development towards the clinic with this new funding from Innovate UK.”