Currently, biopharmaceutical proteins are synthesized using recombinant technologies and various expression platforms such as mammalian cells, plant cells and bacteria expression platforms. The result is that biopharmaceutical drugs are expensive and time consuming to manufacture and many have therapeutic complications.

Using Stabilitech’s OraPro technology, we are able to produce thermally stable biopharmaceuticals that can be administered orally and use the body’s own cells to produce proteins.

OraPro – WHAT IS IT?

OraPro is a novel approach that enables the human gut to manufacture the therapeutic proteins that the patient needs. The benefits to this approach are that the proteins are completely natural as they are produced by human cells in the human body. The cost of production is very low and as the cells in the gut have a short half-life the effect will be short lived giving a straightforward regulatory path.


Using OraPro, a capsule can be made that contains the DNA needed to produce a target protein that the patient is missing.  The capsule has an enteric coating which enables it to travel through the stomach without being dissolved. When it reaches the gut, the capsule will release its contents which act as a vector carrying the DNA to produce the target protein. Cells in the gut will then take up the DNA from the vector and become cells that manufacture the protein that the patient needs.


The production of almost any protein.


Proteins can be expensive to make and some need to be delivered several times per day.

With OraPro, the human gut will produce the required protein, at the needed level. One capsule should enable protein production for about 7 days.

The cost of manufacturing will be considerably reduced as the excipients are inexpensive sugars and chemicals.

Taking a capsule will enable simple self-administration.


With OraPro, viral vector manufacturing is relatively inexpensive.

“Stabilitech has developed the next generation biopharmaceutical expression platform”

Enteric coated capsules containing a viral mix