The ideal influenza vaccine would be one where a single inoculation leads to lifelong immunity to all strains of the disease. So far, all attempts to find such a vaccine have failed.

However, a phenomena observed as a result of Stabilitech’s stabilization technology means that potentially the quantity of antigen needed to elicit a protective response is reduced by 2 orders of magnitude which would enable antigen from all relevant HA sub-types to be included in the vaccine dose in a manageable tolerable amount.

The major components of our mixes are sugars eg sucrose and raffinose. These optimized sugar mixes are then supplemented with low concentrations of inexpensive inert chemical entities. These derivatives alter the Tg of the mixes such that upon freeze drying, the product is rendered stable.

The technology is simple, robust and inexpensive. Briefly, upon manufacture, a selection of optimized excipients are added to the adjuvanted vaccine (virus) preparation.

The excipients used in this process have already been used in clinical or neutraceutical settings and the whole technology can readily be incorporated into existing cGMP processes up to and including filling and lyophilization.