Welcome to Stabilitech

Stabilitech is the leading thermo-stabilization company for vaccines and biopharmaceuticals.  We have stabilized vaccines at ambient temperature and above, some for over 12 months.  In essence, Stabilitech’s platform has the potential to remove the need for the Cold Chain.

Stabilitech's technology mimics natural phenomena well defined non-toxic and inexpensive chemical excipients. The process has been tested on both enveloped and non-enveloped live viruses, and a wide range of proteins, including antibodies, as well as alum adjuvanted subunit vaccines and has been shown to successfully stabilise all targets tested.

We are excited by our core technology’s commercial and humanitarian potential, and are committed to demonstrating its applicability to a wide range of vaccines and biopharmaceuticals. We believe that our technology has the potential to make a real improvement to many vaccines and therapeutic products and, ultimately, to the lives of patients. 

Measles Virus : 4 Log of virus infectivity maintained (1 month storage at 37oC) Adenovirus : 4 log of virus infectivity maintained (12 months storage at 40oC)